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Pat Francis Ministries

Pat Francis Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada that is touching millions of lives globally.

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Covenant Garden Estate

Covenant Garden Estate is a project of Pat Francis Ministries that focuses on rescuing abandoned children at risk by providing homes in a safe and caring environment. As a child development centre, CGE includes homes for children and home mothers, school, multi-purpose centre for special dining, worship and activities, medical centre, recreation facilities, library, administration and security complex, depending of the location.

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Solutions for the Poor

Pat Francis Ministries takes teams of workers, medical and dental staff to developing nations to provide food, clothing, basic supplies, medical and dental care to the poor. We provide aid to disaster areas and help families with food, temporary shelter, medicine and building projects.  With our Building Projects people are employed and taught skills that will increase their ability for further employment.  In our Children Homes (Covenant Garden Estate), we employ local professionals and also train others for new working opportunities. Through our Leadership and Business Training programs we are empowering people with knowledge and skills to start their own businesses or job creation.

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Acorn 2 Oak Youth Services offer the following programs for children and youth:
Restorative Justice provides restoration, rehabilitation and reintegration into families and society at large.  The interventions are designed to break the cycle of crime, while addressing the psychological, mental, physical and emotional needs of the individual.

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